Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tough Guise 2

"We need to stop chasing symptoms". We live a world that is saturated with violence, and accepting that is important. Violence is the symptom, and shame is the condition. Mr.Katz in the documentary Tough Guise 2 shares example after example of the violence of men in this shame based society. Men and boys unfortunately are conditioned by many people of all backgrounds to earn their worth by being tough to the point of emotionless. Also violent, bread winners and/or shamed flawed brutes.

"Real men turn to violence". The messages males receive are insane. Growing up, there was constant pressure from my peers to show my manhood through acting violently toward anyone who shamed or questioned my toughness. Being a womanizer was applauded in my circle of friends and culture. It's all too common to find men who are incapable of being honest with their significant others and sacrifice their marriage or relationship to adhere to these "male" expectations. This is completely backwards. We all need honesty, compassion and integrity, but men are all too often mutilated emotionally and cut off from their real selves. Everyone has a masculine and feminine side. Just most of us don't know what that is suppose to look like.

What do you see as an all around healthy relationship with your masculine side and feminine side? For me, I see a courageous, gentle, generous and fun loving spiritual being. I see myself as powerful, while my emotional energy is free to flow out of me without trying to cover myself with a tough guise.

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