Sunday, October 4, 2015

Generation M: Media as a Feminist Issue

It boggles my mind just how mixed up we are in our society. As the human race we have a long history of women's abuse. Women are the ones capable of the god like ability to give birth to life, not that men don't play a smaller role as well. Rather than guard our candidates for godesses we attempt to marginalized them. In our gender 200 class we have discussed many of ways the game of hierarchy is played in America. If you are white, male, straight, Christian, American, own property and/or physically and mentally fit your go higher up the food chain. Our politicians aka, the S.W.A.A.M.P people tend to join all of the above camps, and so they get to be on the winning team of rich law deciding priviledged religious wing nuts. Where are women on this chart? Often times far from the top. A big portion of our urban hip hop music is composed of verbal and spiritual vilence towards women. Men tend to be horn dogs during poverty and vulnerable to outside influence, the media takes full advantage of this. The media takes advantage of all vulnerable times in the mind and body of a child male or female to bombard them with explotative indoctrination. Girls instead of being celebrated and guided carefully and caringly are told to take their worth from superficial external things. Looks, smarts, connections, money, or even their mates. This mess strechts to all corners of our society. We need to reliaze the real winning team is the people that care. To young people, especially men, sexually objectified women are attrative, but they and women are much more then that, and we need to work to attract them to the team that is real and actually cares.

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