Saturday, October 24, 2015

I'm Not Fat, I'm Latina by Christy Haubegger


     Where is the line that divides fat from skinny? Haubegger argues that in Latina(o) culture it is a bit different than the typical american doctor or magazine would have informed you. She is a good 25 pounds over weight in most American weight charts, and at the same time in the sweet spot for Latina women and dating Latino men. Haubegger the founder of Latina Magazine saw a different perspective for so called over weight women, she saw that in Mexico skinny was not the often the most attractive body type to men, and it was not so widely criticized. Her trip to Mexico helped her overcome the shame of having a little more meat on her bones. She came back to the states with more pride and serenity in the body was born with. That our society has been condescending to women based on their body weight is not something new, but fighting the system is a continuing struggle even with the progress we have made. Haubegger felt she fit right in with the Latino culture as a "25 pound over weight" women. It does not mean Hispanic culture is not condescending, and most women still do not feel they look acceptable as they are, without feeling defective. It is great that Haubegger feels great about her look, but we need to be kinder to each other so that it is easier for we all feel we are ok as we are and we can make healthy choices about our bodies and lifestyles from a place of peace.

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