Saturday, October 24, 2015

La Conciencia De La Meztiza: Towards A New Consciousness

by Gloria Anzaldua

The world is an enormous mix of millions of backgrounds and experiences. Some of backgrounds persons in this nation experience are more closely linked than others, as the case with mestizos/mestizas, someone both Spanish and Amerindian descent. In an article about the her life experience and perspective Anzaldua as a meztiza and lesbian has had to face some very challenging adversity. Most of us are not well informed or have not paid a fair amount of attention to the conflicts of race and sexual orientation that arise around us. Anzaldua can not escape these struggles and being of mixed descent is right in the middle of them, literally. She has to make some sense out of the prejudice between Spanish and Amerindian cultures while being right in the middle receiving and giving to both sides. She goes on to explain how she has become a person who has to hear, see and feel all these conflicts within herself as she learns to identify with who she really is. She is her own peace-broker and consultant. She supports both sides, and takes action to to fair, understanding, loving and tough to both sides. She is working on reaching a enlightened and caring and honest conclusion to this mess. Even as a lesbian, a women, an American she sees her opportunities to work through clutter and filters of anger and confusion with a loving, strong, honest and compassionate resolve to offer her unique perspective and truth to the conversation of how to provide kindness and space for all and their backgrounds.

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